Sep 28

Moderatoren im Studio: Christoph eek a Kraus & die Welsch Bredrin

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Dub Terror feat. Tena Stelin: No More Stress
V.A. – Lead With The Bass III (Universal Egg)

Douglas And Degraw: Wicked Ah Go Dub It
V.A. – Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions Presents: Roots Combination (Guidance)

Jah Bernord: Can’t Take The Fussing On The Bus
12″ (Negus Roots)

Jah Marnyah: Never Give Up & Version
10″ (Burning Sound Bless)

Brother Roy: Different Experience (Rootah Version)
V.A. – Lee Scratch Perry & The Sufferers – The Sound Doctor (Pressure Sounds)

Ventilators: Roar Oh Lion
12″ (Vinyl Supply)

Gregry Isaacs: Never Be Ungrateful
V.A. – Burning Up Vol.3 (Burning Sounds)

One Drop Forward: Take Mi Ganja
taken from myspace

Protoje feat. Ky-Mani Marley: Rub-A-Dub Soldier
download (Don Corleon)

Soom T: Bullets Will Bounce
V.A. – Jahtarian Dubbers Volume 3 (Jahtari)

Lee Scratch Perry & Dub Syndicate: From The Secret Laboratory
V.A. – Jahtarian Dubbers Volume 3 (Jahtari)

Groove Armada: Super Stylin’
Goodbye Country Hello Nightclub (Sony)

Sep 21

Reggae in the mix by Christoph eek a Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Aldubb: Warrior Call & Fight Dub
The Berlin Sessions EP (Irie Ites)

Dubmatix: Mount Zion Trad & Mount Zion Dub
The Berlin Sessions EP (Irie Ites)

Kenny Knots: Herb From Grow
Tann Up Solid EP (Jahtari)

Speng Bond: Tann Up Solid
Tann Up Solid EP (Jahtari)

Mr Williams: Sit Down Steady
Dancehall Hobby EP (Jahtari)

Roberto Sanchez: Chemical Food
Cantabric Dub Breeze: Chemical Food Version
Ranking Forest: Give Me Ital Stew
Ras Telford: Sounds Of Deva
10” (Truth Town)

Ras Niemjah: Hail The Emperor
Far East: Alpha & Omega
Bunnington Judah: King Keteh
H.U.S. All Stars: Nyabinghi Chant & Version
12” (H.U.S Music)

Jah Bast And The Shades: Jah Irror
7” (Darker Shades Of Roots)

Sep 15

Moderatoren im Studio: Christoph eek a Kraus & die Welsch Bredrin
supported by Mighty Tim

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Johnny Osbourne: Judgement Day
7″ (Original Music)

Prince Buster: Wreck A Pum Pum
FABulous Greatest Hits (Trojan)

Madness: Night Boat To Cairo
One Step Beyond (Stiff)

The Soulmates: Dem A Laugh And A Kiki
V.A. – Tighten Up Vol.2 (Trojan)

Dead 60′s: Too Much TV
Space Invader Dub (Deltasonic)

Prince Far I & The Arabs: Foundation Stepper
Cry Tuff Dub Encounter IV (Trojan)

Ranking Joe: Round The World
Zion High (Blood And Fire)

Afrikan Simba & Slimmah Sound: Poverty / Poor Man Dub / Nah Care Dub
12″ (King Shiloh)

Buju Banton & Garnett Silk: Give I Strength
Inna Heights (VP)

Bunty Hunter: Circle Round The World
Wanted (New Name Muzik)

Mungo’s HiFi feat. Top Cat: Herbalist
V.A. – Sound System Champion (Scotch Bonnet)

Dubmatix: Happy / Deep Dark Dub
Dubmatix Presents Clash Of The Titans – The System Shakedown Remixes (Collision)

The Abysssinians: Poor Jason White
Satta Massagana Deluxe Edition (Heartbeat)

Dill Smith: Set Me Free
V.A. – Glory Dominion Power Majesty (Honest Jons)

Sep 07

Moderatoren im Studio: Christoph eek a Kraus & die Welsch Bredrin

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Garnett Silk: Cry Of My People
Lord Watches Over Your Shoulders (Greensleeves)

The G.G.All Stars: Love Of Jah Jah Children
V.A. – Trojan Dub Box Set (Trojan)

Benjamin Zephania: Get High
Rasta (Workers Playtime)

Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat. Zeb & Scotty: Warm Up
Forward Ever (Scotch Bonnet)

Tippa Irie: All The Time The Lyrics A Rhyme
V.A. – Nice Up The Dance – UK Bubblers 1984-87 (Greensleeves)

Steve Knight: Robberman
7″ (Riddim Force)

Buju Banton: Murderer
‘Til Shiloh (Universal)

The Velvet Shadows: Wailing Of Black People + Dubbin’ And Wailin’
V.A. – Good Times Skank (Trojan)

Tony Brutus: Water Pistol
12″ (Intense)

Tyronne Evans: Rise Up Extended Mix
10″ (Wackies)

Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat. Ayah Faith: Rooster
Soundsystem Champions (Scotch Bonnet)

Ranking Levy: Mad Man Style
V.A. – Jahtarian Dubbers Volume 3 (Jahtari)

Radikal Guru: Dread Commandments
The Rootstepa (Moonshine)